New Orleans, Louisiana

SO, state 27 was Louisiana! My trip to New Orleans was relatively spur of the moment; and by that, I mean I took a Buy-the-tickets-now-and-figure-out-the-rest-later kind of approach. I booked on a whim when I saw a good flight deal, and then booked myself a hostel the next day. Since I arrived in the states in 2017, … Continue reading New Orleans, Louisiana


Checking in

Hi! This is a last minute-not-edited-typed-on-my-phone check in post; that literally only exists because I don't want to break my posting streak. Cool? Cool. Posts coming soon will be about my volunteering at an animal shelter, more about my travels to New Orleans, Charleston, Jacksonville, and Nashville, and maybe one about how I'm on a … Continue reading Checking in

Save-Money-September……or not?

I had dubbed September as “Save-Money-September" during which I would focus on saving money, not travel, and not book any trips. The long story short, coming from November me, is that Save-money-September was basically a failure. The reason for this is music. Live music. Live music in fancy venues from artists I’ve followed since I was in 7th grade. How could I resist?